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Fan 2015 PLoS Genetics (pdf, 8.7Mb)


Mazdak Bagherie-Lachidan, Antoine Reginensi, Hitisha P. Zaveri, Daryl A. Scott, Françoise Helmbacher and Helen McNeill. Stromal Fat4 acts non-autonomously with Dachsous1/2 to restrict the nephron progenitor pool. Development, june 26, 2015,
doi: 10.1242/dev.122648 | PMID: 26116661 |


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Mariot Annals of Neurology 2015 (pdf, 2206 Ko) Annals of Neurology Cover 03 september 2015


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Puppo 2015 Human Mutation - accepted manuscript - preprint version pdf, 760 Ko)


Caruso N., Herberth B., Lamballe F., Arce-Gorvel V., Maina F., and Helmbacher F. Plasticity versus specificity in RTK signalling modalities for distinct biological outcomes in motor neurons. BMC Biology 2014, 12:56 | PMID:25124859 |
doi:10.1186/s12915-014-0056-6 |

Caruso BMC Biol 2014 (pdf 3.1Mb)


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Caruso 2013 Plos Genetics (pdf, 1270 Ko)


Charoy C, Nawabi H, Reynaud F, Derrington E, Bozon M, Wright K, Falk J, Helmbacher F, Kindbeiter K, Castellani V. (2012). gdnf Activates Midline Repulsion by Semaphorin3B via NCAM during Commissural Axon Guidance. OA. Neuron. 2012 Sep 20;75(6)


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Lamballe 2011 (pdf, 6405 Ko)


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Genestine 2011 (pdf, 1148 Ko)


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Gascon 2010 (pdf, 2418 Ko)


Kramer E*; Knott L*; Su F; Dessaud E; Krull CE; Helmbacher F*, and Klein R*. (2006). Cooperation between GDNF/Ret and ephrinA/EphA4 signals for motor axon pathway selection in the limb. Neuron 50, 35-47. (*These authors contributed equally to the work).

Kramer 2006 (pdf, 1038 Ko)


Helmbacher, F., Dessaud, E., Arber, S., deLapeyriere, O., Henderson, C. E., Klein, R. and Maina, F. (2003). Met Signaling Is Required for Recruitment of Motor Neurons to PEA3-Positive Motor Pools. Neuron 39, 767-77.

Helmbacher 2003 (pdf, 601 Ko)


Maina, F., Pante, G., Helmbacher, F., Andres, R., Porthin, A., Davies, A. M., Ponzetto, C. and Klein, R. (2001). Coupling Met to specific pathways results in distinct developmental outcomes. Mol Cell 7, 1293-306.

Maina 2001 (pdf, 884 Ko)


Adams, R., Diella, F., Hennig, S., Helmbacher, F., Deutsch, U. and Klein, R. (2001). The cytoplasmic domain of the ligand EphrinB2 is required for vascular morphogenesis but not cranial neural crest migration. Cell 104, 57-69.

Adams 2001 (pdf, 1733 Ko)


Yokoyama, N., Romero, M. I., Cowan, C. A., Galvan, P., Helmbacher, F., Charnay, P., Parada, L. F. and Henkemeyer, M. (2001). Forward signaling mediated by ephrin-B3 prevents contralateral corticospinal axons from recrossing the spinal cord midline. Neuron 29, 85-97.

Yokoyama 2001 (pdf, 1312 Ko)


Helmbacher, F., Schneider-Maunoury, S., Topilko, P., Tiret, L. and Charnay, P. (2000). Targeting of the EphA4 tyrosine kinase receptor affects dorsal/ventral pathfinding of limb motor axons. Development 127, 3313-24.

Helmbacher 2000 (pdf, 446 Ko)


Helmbacher, F., Pujades, C., Desmarquet, C., Frain, M., Rijli, F. M., Chambon, P. and Charnay, P. (1998). Hoxa1 and Krox-20 synergize to control the development of rhombomere 3. Development 125, 4739-48.

Helmbacher 1998 (pdf, 456 Ko)

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