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Our lab is looking for an enthusiastic and motivated PhD student, to work on genetic modeling of neuromuscular pathologies. The project will involve modern gene editing techniques using mouse or patient-derived stem cells, as well as genetic studies in mice. We welcome applications from highly qualified students of all nationalities, who will be invited to apply to one of the three following PhD fellowship possibilities:

- For foreign students, a PhD opportunity is currently available through the PhD program in integrative and clinical Neurosciences (ICN PhD program). The 2015 edition is closed. Information on the 2015 call is available here. The list of selected projects in 2015 is available here. See also below for more info.

- For foreign students, another possibility is also available through the BIOTRAIL PhD program. BIOTRAIL is an interdisciplinary program supported by the AMIDEX/Aix-Marseille-University, that will award PhD fellowships through a competitive selection process. This year's deadline for application was March 16th (see offers and application procedure here), and Interviews of preselected candidates were held in May 2015.

- French students (external or from Aix-Marseille-University) will have to apply for a PhD fellowship through the competition organized by the Doctoral School of Health and Life science (EDSVS) (selection deadline is typically around June 10 for external candidates).

Please contact us if you are interested by our projects.

Contact :francoise.helmbacher [ at ]

More information on the ICN PhD program

2015 edition was open from 06/05/2015 to 14/06/2015, and is now CLOSED

The PhD program in integrative and clinical Neurosciences (ICN PhD program) was launched in October 2013. This program was approved and validated by the Doctoral School (ED62) for Life and Health Sciences and the AMU Research Committee. it offers three PhD scholarships to excellent Master graduates from top-ranked non-French universities. The aims of this PhD program are described here.

- Courses will be delivered at the Institute of Neurosciences of Marseille (INT). These include tutored courses, advanced courses in cutting edge Neuroscience, specialized courses on neuroscience methods, and an annual meeting.
- Research training is carried out in any neuroscience laboratory of Aix-Marseille University.
- A list of projects proposed in 2015 is available here. This includes a project from the Helmbacher lab:
     --> Research project #14: Genetic modeling of FSHD-like Neuromuscular FATopathies.

More information on the application procedure is available here.

Applicants are expected to provide 1) a resume, 2) a selection of two possible host labs based on the proposed projects, 3) a half page document explaining the adequacy between their background and the selected labs, 4) a letter of motivation, and 5) two letters of recommendation (use the PhD-evaluation-Form-2015 provided)

More information on the BIOTRAIL program

2015 edition was open from 15/02/2015 to 16/03/2015.
Interviews are being scheduled in May 2015.

The BIOTRAIL program for doctoral studies is an international initiative supported by A*MIDEX  foundation of Aix-Marseille University. It gathers on the Luminy campus in Marseille, the CIML , INMED, IBDM research centres and the research network Labex INFORM
In 2015, up to 16 fellowships with competitive salary can be awarded for highly motivated students. These include 6 fellowships in a BIOLOGY program, and 10 Fellowship in the INTERDISCIPLINARY program. Our lab belongs to the BIOLOGY Program.
Application will be received online at until  March 16th, 2015.

The BIOTRAIL Interview session (provisional dates May 26-29) will entail  :
- a short presentation of previous achievements and curriculum followed by open discussion
- a visit to the campus , the founding laboratories and their facilities
- a discussion "in depth" with the team leaders
Applicants shortlisted will be informed promptly after the interview.

Please find below last year's poster and flyers with more detailed information.

Biotrail Poster 2014 Biotrail Flyers 2014

Stage pour étudiants M1/M2

Si vous êtes intéressés par un stage parmi nous pour votre M2 pour l'année 2014-2015 (premier et/ou deuxième semestre), n'hésitez pas à me contacter pour plus d'information sur le sujet de stage ou pour envoyer votre candidature. Nous proposons également d'accueillir un étudiant pour un stage de M1.

Envoyez vos candidatures à Francoise Helmbacher:
Francoise.HELMBACHER [ at ]
Tel: 04 91 26 93 45

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